About Digital Owl

Digital Owl is a small company founded by passionate online gaming professionals. While our expertise comes from online gaming, we learned to transfer our experience to other industries. We are focusing on helping people set up their online services and supporting business structure. From understanding the pitfalls and risks of an online service to implementing best practices and processes to realize your goals.

We like to work agile. Instead of offering predefined packages, we tailor our service to each individual client. Being it someone who tries to set up an online service for the first time or companies that are trying to expand into the software and games as a service sector.

Services Digital Owl provides

Strategic Guidance

What do you really need? What is relevant to achieving my goals? Let us help you from creating a project plan to setting your goals.

GAP Analysis

How to get from your status quo to your business goals? We provide an objective view on what is left to get you from A to Z.

Project Management

Do you need someone hands on? We can help you from setting up your project to seeing it through.

Workshops, Trainings & Talks

What does it mean to run an online service? From refreshers to 3-day workshops, adjusted to your business needs.

Technical Service Advising

You are faced with a technical challenge and need additional input? With more than 13 years of experience we offer technical advising as a service.

Search Engine Optimization

You optimized your frontpage and now what? Still no traffic? Let's evaluate your website, find weaknesses and gather more intelligence about perfect keywords.

Awesome Inventions to work with


Game publishing and running an online service is no easy task in any context. Especially in one where there are a myriad of technical challenges and user oriented decisions to be made. You have to make sure not to miss anything, ensure budgets remain on track and have consistent communication across the whole publishing pipeline.

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